Software overview

Online Procurement

With the purpose of responding to any kind of need, DigitalPA Group has developed an e-procurement system, Online Procurement, a modular solution for all types of procurement processes. Its main purpose is streamlining processes and reducing purchasing and management costs.

The “Online Procurement” platform is a unique solution that allows to:

  • Manage the process of supplier qualification through Supplier Management and Supplier Plus Qualification;
  • Manage purchases using Tender Management;
  • Establish your own e-Catalog;
  • Manage the contracting process through the connected software Contract Management.

The purpose of the Software is to make the long and complex process of the suppliers and purchasing procedures more functional, and, at the same time, to optimise the human resources work by interfacing the different departments and their operators.

Thanks to our management software, companies and professionals do not need to send voluminous printed envelopes: the supplier can create an account on the online register, a system available 24/7, thus saving time, avoiding errors and completing a more accurate registration.
Moreover, they have the chance to safely participate in online tenders, thanks to the technology of digital signaturecertified e-mail and “Electronic Sealed Envelope” procedure that guarantees the inviolability of the tenders.

Main Features

Supplier Management

In order to be qualified on Online Procurement, suppliers have to provide complete business information, as well as any required supporting documentation.

Suppliers can manage the registration process on their own, by filling out a completely adaptable form.

Tender Management - eSourcing

With Online Procurement, it is possible to manage any type of negotiation through electronic operating processes, dematerializing even the most complex procedures.

Contract Management

An integrated system allows to manage the contract’s creation, conclusion and storage, using precompiled and customizable templates.


With the RFQ form, a quote can be requested to the suppliers, based on their offered products and services.

The suppliers will be able to submit their offers through an absolutely secure online procedure, while the company can choose the best offer and proceed by closing the negotiation.

100% secure procurement

Information security is a key aspect of online tenders: Online Procurement is the only software that guarantees data secrecy at all stages of the tender management.

Procurement Intelligence

As the information is stored on Online Procurement, the Client can interrogate the database to extract statistics and reports in order to keep track of the supply chain and spend.

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