Online Procurement: the supplier management software.
Manage your supplier more efficiently and gain more valuable supplying.

Accelerate the scouting process and build successful relationships with suppliers

Choosing the right supplier and the onboarding process are key to increase profits and make valuable purchases.

Online Procurement supports you in managing the growing complexity of your Supply Chain: recognize best-performing suppliers, communicate and negotiate efficiently with huge time and costs savings.


Supplier Management Sofware: the right tool to boost Supplier Collaboration

Smart Scouting

Intuitive and useful scouting to identify best suppliers aligned with business needs


Vendor Rating

Evaluate Supplier performances through dynamic questionnaires and checklists models



Customize the qualification process using supplier profiles built around procurement and business needs


Supplier Network

Access to a network of pre-qualified suppliers and accelerate your business



Optimize relationship with suppliers and make communication more efficient for more stable and long-lasting collaboration



Monitor suppliers in real-time through global performance evaluation sheets in line with company policies



The software able to support you along the Vendor Management Process

Complete chart showing customized supplier qualification management

Registration setup according to company requirements, following a detailed segmentation of your supplying needs and priorities, allows you to allocate the right resources to the right supplier.

The optimized qualification process is run independently by the supplier with the guarantee of maximum information traceability and integrity.

Purchasing officer enters supplier evaluation using the Supplier Management module of Online Procurement software

Full control on supplier lifecycle – During negotiations you can access and select your suppliers with the best performances, ignoring worst performing ones.


Strategic Supply Chain management as key to success

Thanks to Online Procurement suppliers become your business partners: simple suppling turn into supplying focused on results.

Develop Strategic Partnerships

Supposing to invest the same amount of money you are spending now, through Online Procurement you can spot suppliers which guarantee better and more goods and services.

Generate Value

Supposing to invest the same amount of money you are spending now, through Online Procurement you can spot suppliers which guarantee better (and more) goods and services.

The smart Vendor Scouting portal

Discover our Supplier Portal

Supplier Portal is a centralized system gathering global suppliers, which allows access to a large network of pre-qualified Suppliers in all the main industries.

Expand your market

Find new suppliers and operate in a large and robust supply market

Save capital

Lower time and costs of finding new suppliers in industries relevant to you

Increase the quality/cost ratio

Collaborate with qualified partners holding successful references.

The e-Procurement software solution developed for the most demanding customers

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