Connect your business applications and speed up processes

Manage the complete procurement flow all in one place

Online Procurement is a Saas software designed to be integrated with a wide range of international software standards and natively has methods to communicate with the most used applications.
Our integration system allows instant data sharing between Online Procurement modules and ERP software like SAP, for example. Integration can be applied also with billing or electronic signature systems, protocol record software, legally compliant archiving, and much more.
API and web services

For flexible communication with your company’s IT system


SSO (Single Sign ON)

A single identification system among different applications

Open Standards

To easily share file and documents such as *xml, *xlsx, *csv


Custom Systems

To satisfy specific requests of the single company

Secure Supplier-Buyer agreements with e-Procurement software for companies

DigitalPA is committed to generating value from technology and collaboration

Our experts provide all the necessary support to integrate Online Procurement with IT systems you are using in your company, opening a direct dialog with your suppliers.

Increase productivity thanks to information circularity

Minimize errors arising from the manual re-entry of data already available in your applications by exploiting the automatic data interchange.

Data security

Data interchange provides for granular permission management to ensure maximum data access security. All data is encrypted so that no intermediate system can use or tamper with them.


Create deep synergies between your business solutions and Online Procurement software

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