Vendor Rating, the business solution for vendor evaluation
Ensure the quality of supply and compliance with contracts

Build a valuable supplier network and optimize your procurement performance

Analyze and evaluate the performance of the suppliers in your network with the Vendor Rating system, designed for the Supplier Management module of the Procure-to-Pay Online Procurement suite.

With Vendor Rating, you can automate the process of evaluating supplier reliability and set it to objective parameters that fit different realities and business objectives. You can make better purchasing decisions, identify and resolve supplier issues, and build valuable partnerships.

Turn supplier collaboration into a growth engine with Vendor Rating

Procurement cost optimization

Structured tracking of ratings for purchased goods and services enables you to identify critical issues at a glance and select suppliers that offer the best value for money.


Reduced supply risks

With integrated performance and risk management, you can make timely, informed, and confident purchasing decisions, actively preventing disruptions and delays in supply.


Collaborations based on facts, not opinions

Measure the success of supplier collaboration with objective performance metrics that return unbiased and consistent assessments.


Improved procurement compliance and sustainability

The software provides an efficient way to analyze compliance and sustainability criteria to ensure that procurement meets regulations, ESG requirements, and business objectives.

Partnership history at your fingertips

The Supplier Management module provides a 360-degree view of suppliers: master data, certifications, communications, order and evaluation history, all digitally stored and organized.


Increased purchasing team productivity

Online Procurement’s automation and workflows significantly reduce the time and resources required by purchasing departments to compare supplier costs and performance.

Improve the sustainability practices of your supplier base

Centralize all the information you need to ensure ESG compliance

Sustainable procurement is a challenge that rewards your company with tangible benefits: a more positive and trustworthy image with customers, banks, and investors, reduced risk, and increased profitability.

With Vendor Rating, you can:

  • Monitor supplier performance against environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria from a single dashboard
  • Track progress over time and collaborate on improvement plans
  • Differentiate from competitors and avoid reputation crises

Online Procurement, the comprehensive tool for a 360-degree view of supplier management and performance

Define KPIs – Select performance metrics such as the quality of products or services purchased and delivery schedules. The system for calculating and weighing each KPI in the platform is 100% customizable to meet your specific evaluation needs and goals.

Let the system work for you – For each “event” related to the different stages of the purchasing cycle, you can automatically associate the recalculation of the score, updating the evaluation of performance and quality of supplies in real time.

Checklist valutazione fornitori

Checklists and questionnaires for qualitative assessments – Create questionnaires and checklists directly in the platform with a wizard and assign them to suppliers to build a collaborative improvement path.

Misurazione delle performance

Track performance – Objectively evaluate suppliers during the negotiation and contract execution, track their scores over time, and use them to make informed decisions.

Blacklist – In cases of apparent non-compliance or compliance failures, you can place suppliers on a list that excludes them from future negotiations to mitigate risk.

Individuazione fornitori strategici

Identify strategic suppliers – Using strategic data analysis, you can quickly identify the best-performing suppliers and categorize them according to specific KPIs.


Strengthen supplier partnerships, mitigate risk, and optimize the cost of procurement processes

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