The 5 Advantages That the E-procurement Can Give Today to the Growth of SMEse-Procurement Insights ● April 2, 2022

Online Procurement Professional for SMEs

Using a platform capable of digitally transforming procurement management in its entirety, from the inception of the need (Purchase Requisition) to the selection of suppliers, through to contract management and performance monitoring, may seem like an innovation beyond the reach of small and medium-sized companies.

Managing the entire end-to-end procurement cycle in a fully computerized way is a substantial change in the way of working, and even before that in mentality, which could even be seen as too radical a choice. The dematerialization of just a few processes, such as sending electronic documents by email and the use of management software for electronic invoices, is already sufficient for some. But is it really?

At a time of crisis such as this, rethinking the way procurement processes are managed in SMEs and investing in the long-term growth of your business can be the way out, with the goal of a stronger business equipped to meet the challenges of today, and tomorrow.


Why a Software of E-procurement Helps SMEs to Increase Their ROI?

Because it simplifies the job of the purchase department and increases their productivity

Using a software for the management of purchases allows to follow standard and efficient procedures, with workflows that have clear and structured approval mechanisms, to be set up according to the company organization. The result: a clear simplification of administrative activities.

Because it reduces purchasing costs with the centralization of orders

The complete overview of all the orders made in the company in one place allows on the one hand to obtain better prices from suppliers, aggregating smaller orders in a single more consistent order, and on the other hand to keep under control the unplanned expenses.

Because it allows you to secure supplies on the best terms

Stipulate framework agreements to obtain more competitive prices and create a computerized catalog of goods and services based on your needs, with price lists always updated by suppliers, is the basis for optimizing recurring orders.

Because it allows you to create your own Supplier Register

For the quality and competitiveness of its products and services is crucial to find and maintain valid suppliers, to be evaluated on the basis of objective and verifiable data, such as the timing of supply or possession of certain certifications.

Because it better organizes the documentation in a single digital archive

Thanks to the digital archiving of all documents, including communication with all stakeholders and the history of changes, nothing needs to be printed and no document will ever be lost. With a complete overview of each step of the passive cycle, objectively evaluating the execution of the contract will be much easier.

The advantages of Online Procurement Professional for SMEs

Quick activation and SaaS mode

Which eliminates installation costs and time, because you can access the software from the web on any device, even remotely

Easy-to-use interface

With wizards, approval flows with predefined roles, and immediate feedback on data entry

Affordable investment

In economic terms, that will pay off over time, thanks to the digitization of a crucial process for SMEs

Integration with the applications you already use

Such as those for electronic invoicing or ERPs

Rationalization of time spent and costs

Automating the simplest and most repetitive activities, and optimizing the entire purchasing cycle

Want to know how Online Procurement Professional can accelerate your company's growth?

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