Assess and reduce risks associated with procurement processes
Mitigate the impact of supplier and procurement risks to protect business continuity and corporate assets.

Risk Management: The solution that optimizes the entire procure-to-pay cycle

Protect the value your company creates by controlling risk factors and inefficiencies in supply management. With continuous monitoring, guided data analysis, and a customized action plan, you can consolidate your supplier base, identify savings opportunities, and minimize the impact of unforeseen events on your business.

The power of an eProcurement platform that integrates risk management

A more robust supplier base

Global visibility into a supplier’s risk indicators – geographic, financial, ESG – and its contractual performance, expressed through ratings, enables optimization of the qualification process and captures any sourcing diversification needs.


Better purchasing decisions

Risk Management guides CPOs, category managers, and buyers in analyzing multiple aggregated data sources, both internal and external to the organization, greatly simplifying the decision-making process.


Protect business continuity

Immediate mapping and ranking of risks according to a priority matrix, with segmentation by commodity category and supplier type, is key to mitigating supply chain risks.


Better control over compliance

Sharing information between the Supplier Management and Contract Management modules makes it easier to monitor compliance standards and ensure supplier compliance for improved risk management and mitigation.

More sustainable procurement processes

The procurement function plays a critical role in the overall sustainability of the business: risk management makes it easier to monitor suppliers’ and third parties’ compliance with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria, which benefits reputation and brand advocacy.


Optimize strategic KPIs

Proactive risk management in procurement avoids costly surprises and improves collaboration with suppliers, allowing you to control spend, reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of procurement, and ultimately increase ROI and cash flow.



A single business continuity disruption can cost millions

Choose an effective risk management tool for your procurement department

Take your procurement to the next level with risk management

Procurement management (Sourcing events) thanks to automation and dynamic workflows

Identify critical situations related to suppliers, commodity categories, and purchasing processes in a timely manner, sorted by risk priority.

Use of search filters to manage supplier sourcing and onboarding events

The platform automatically proposes a clear and structured set of risk mitigation actions and incentivizes productivity, allowing you to communicate internally in real time and easily assign accountability to all responsible parties.

Software mockup of Order Management and purchasing procedures also through an area dedicated to expert evaluators

Track the progress of risk mitigation activities, including allocated budgets and deadlines, with an intuitive report. Make corrections and improvements to the action plan at any time.


Knowing how to react to unforeseen events is not enough: find out how proactive risk management can transform your purchasing processes for the better.

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