Manage the procurement organizational structure and improve collaborations within your company

Innovative business management

Thanks to the Extra Organization module, you can build the company organizational chart and simplify the role-based management of all applications. The module connects the entire organization and optimizes the communication of all the people involved in the purchasing processes.

Optimize Team collaboration


Keep the company connected thanks to a single tool for all internal communications.



Seamlessly assign and track tasks among collaborators with an integrated task manager. Harness also the potential of shared calendars and agendas.



Manage staff records, associate roles, and permissions needed to access the platforms, avoiding any duplicated data.

The module for agile communication between CPO, Contract Manager, and all professionals involved in the purchasing process.

The platform allows groups of companies with operating offices physically distant to reduce costs related to continuous staff transfers, also optimizing communication by reducing frequent and ineffective e-mails sending.

Custom notifications

Create your calendar and agenda, manage activities quickly and easily.

Customize notifications and schedule meetings, events, and reminder alerts.

Increase productivity

Thanks to a simple and intuitive interface, the task manager allows you to assign tasks to staff and check their progress for better organization and workload sharing.


Optimize internal communication all-around thanks to the interconnecting between all offices, departments, and individual professionals

Source-to-Pay software developed for the most demanding customers

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