Take communication with your supplier to the next level

Streamline procurement processes thanks to effective communication between suppliers and buyers

Promptly connect with your suppliers thanks to a centralized area for all communications relating to your procurement process.

Suppliers also have access to the Communication module in their reserved area where they will receive new message notifications and immediate access to all communications sent by the company.


Notifications and alerts

New communications linked with custom alerts via platform or email


Archive and filters

Full history of communications is ready to be searched applying a filter by category, supplier, single sourcing event, and process phase.


Automatic reminder alerts

Automated notifications are sent for events and documents deadlines, documents sending confirmation, and more.


Communication templates

Pre-configured and fully customizable templates



Chance to set up different emails and certified emails as a communication channel

Brand consistency

Communications layout coordinated with the Buyer’s Company brand palette



All communications between Buyer and Supplier in one platform

The Communication module allows you to perform indexed searches by period, supplier, category, phase, and more. This allows you to gain immediate visibility of all communications relating to a specific contract through a single interface, with the chance of storing data and monitoring the performance of the supplier over time.

The results of a winning Supplier Collaboration

Graphs of the e-Procurement software show the qualification level of the suppliers and improve the Supplier Collaboration

Efficient collaboration between Buyer and Supplier allows for a drastic reduction in low-performance costs such as delivery delays, defaults, and disputes, assuring time and costs optimization across the entire production chain.

Chief Procurement Officer uses Online Procurement software to analyze purchases and reduce risk

Thanks to the full visibility of the information flow between Buyer and Supplier, it is possible to reduce the risk components of the procurement process, at the same time establishing profitable and long-lasting partnerships.

Purchasing Manager communicates in a simplified way with the supplier thanks to Online Procurement

The centralization of the communication process between Buyer and Supplier is essential to get rid of misalignments and overlaps in information flows.

The Buyer/Supplier relationship is simplified at all levels and the often unreasonable amount of emails between the parties is drastically reduced.


Strengthen partnerships with your suppliers and reduce procurement costs

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