Online Procurement Professional, the highly innovative digital Procurement system serving SMEs

Create more value for your business by optimizing the management of purchases

Online Procurement Professional is the e-Procurement software solution dedicated to SMEs that allows you to manage the entire purchasing cycle with a single tool that is intuitive and quick to activate. The platform will immediately become an essential partner for your company, as it will allow the purchasing department to abandon repetitive activities and focus on strategic choices, thanks to a centralized overview of all information on suppliers, orders and contracts.

With an affordable investment you can make your company agile and future-oriented, and enjoy long-term benefits on your growth.

PROFESSIONAL Creation ofPurchase requisition Approval workflowswith predefined roles Research andselection of suppliers Orderplacement Real-time controlof spending Payment to suppliers Documents andinvoices archive

A turnkey e-Procurement software

Optimization of the supplier network

Online Procurement Professional allows you to classify and qualify your suppliers in a structured and objective way, on the basis of the inserted certifications and of the evaluation of their performances, and to always find new supplies in line with your business needs.


Faster and more efficient purchasing procedures

On the platform you will be able to manage tenders and direct purchases following guided, standardized and automated procedures, such as requests for quotation and exchange of documents with suppliers, which drastically increase both speed of action and productivity.

Traceability and transparency of PRs, orders and contracts

Keep track of every purchase requisition, order, and contract – change history, notices, requirements – to easily verify correspondence with the invoice issued by the vendor, and be aware of any inconsistencies immediately.


Rationalization and control over expenses

Get a global view of your company’s expenses, categorizing them by cost center, supplier type or purchase type. You’ll be able to monitor both the budget and spending trends in real time, and avoid making impromptu purchases or purchases that do not comply with the company policy.

A single digital archive for all information

Access a unified digital repository that includes all documents and communications with suppliers. The centralization of data is the basis for defining business priorities more effectively, motivating them with more accurate and homogeneous information, and at the same time increases security, authorizing to view and modify data only users with specific permissions.

Monitoring payments to suppliers

Verify electronic purchase invoices and create payment orders to suppliers directly on the platform, with the help of preconfigured workflows and automated checks.



Invest in your growth: optimize the management of suppliers and purchases with e-Procurement tailored to SMEs

Why Online Procurement is the ideal solution for SMEs

360° management of the purchase cycle

Online Procurement Professional gives you everything you need to manage the entire purchasing cycle in a digital way, giving you a complete view of each key stage of procurement: from the identification of suppliers, with a digital register that collects information and documents, to the negotiation of contracts, up to the monitoring of payments.

Quick to activate, accessible everywhere

The platform can be activated very quickly, thanks to the pre-configured settings that allow you to start immediately to manage procurement processes in an integrated way. The SaaS mode eliminates software installation costs and makes it accessible on the web from both desktop and smartphone, even outside the office, so that operations are never interrupted.

More efficiency in the purchasing department, to generate value

The purchasing department will be able to take advantage of guided and shared procedures, with clear approval mechanisms that reduce the time needed to verify suppliers’ requirements and validate the purchase requisition, without the need to produce paper documentation or conduct endless e-mail exchanges. Employees will then be relieved of repetitive and manual tasks, with more resources available to focus on new business opportunities and competitiveness.

Integrates with existing business software

Thanks to ERP Adapter, Online Procurement Professional can transfer data from the software already implemented in the company, such as ERP and for e-invoice management platforms, avoiding the manual loading of suppliers and orders.

Reliability and certified quality

DigitalPA is a company with a certified quality management system, which can count on more than twenty years of experience in the creation of e-Procurement solutions of excellence for individuals and public administrations.

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