Streamline the approval flow of payments
Procure-to-Pay cycle managed in one shared environment

Monitor invoices and payments and improve procurement management

Get a centralized and up-to-date real-time overview of all accounting for your supplier network, quickly reconcile invoices and purchase orders, and monitor the timeliness and accuracy of payments for perfect compliance.

Compare invoice, order, and purchase agreement at a glance, and get a 360-degree view of supplier data and performance

Payment approval flow tailored to your company's needs

All departments involved in the purchasing process can track invoices and manage payment approval in one shared environment.

Spend tracking and instant invoice and payment searches

All incoming invoices are encapsulated in the dashboard for complete visibility into payment status. The system helps to categorize and search for information quickly.

Automated archive organization

All supply-related documents are accessible from a single digital archive. The document status is continuously tracked and archived automatically.

Increased Contract Visibility

Perfect visibility into contract progress stages, minimizing delays and decreasing risks associated with managing legal compliance and delivery of the service or supply.

Credit notes: automatic recalculation of payment

The system allows credit notes to be associated with invoices, automatically recalculating the amount due.

Time is money.
Save both with Online Procurement

Online Procurement modules work in synergy to ensure the optimized management of the entire Procure-to-Pay cycle, from purchase requisition to payment, avoiding duplicate manual entries and using different systems.

Using this solution, you can upload all the necessary data and documents for the payable cycle once, automate workflows, and simplify administrative tasks.

Keeping track of incoming invoices and payments is easy with Invoice Management

ERP software integration

Interoperability with management software – Invoice Management and Online Procurement can be integrated with existing ERP software. The interconnection of management software – such as SAP or electronic invoicing systems – taken care of by our IT experts will create a computerized data flow for optimal management of all purchasing processes.

Authorization flow management invoices payments

Follow the workflow – Manage and share the invoice workflow with relevant departments, from entry through settlement. The contract manager, accounting, and other involved users can record payments, even partial payments, enter credit notes, and track all expenses.

Comprehensive overview – Monitor all incoming invoices from a single dashboard, including status and total amount. You can apply search filters by date, payment due date, and approval state to keep track of expenses and related cost centers at all times.

Data integrity and safety - invoice management

Data verification – Invoice data can be massively captured by importing from .xml files, generated and structured by your ERP. Automatic checks during upload ensure that the data on the invoice is correct, without any manual intervention.

Collaboration between business departments in invoice management

Improve departmental collaboration – Centralizing invoice and payment information on a single platform means facilitating communication between company departments and reducing payment approval times. With a single shared environment, there will no longer be a need for spreadsheets, emails, or other tools outside the platform that cause inefficiencies.

Internal messaging – The internal messaging system allows departments, such as accounting and contract managers, to communicate for an effective and timely exchange of information on the status of payments and supplies.

Manage supplier invoices more efficiently with a digital workflow

Reduce accounting management time and keep track of expenses, due dates, and payments with Invoice Management

Source-to-Pay software developed for the most demanding customers

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