Lega Calcio Serie A chooses Online Procurement for the digital management of the TV rights auctions of the Italian football championship

Lega Calcio Serie A, involved in the management of the top division of the Italian football championship, has appointed DigitalPA as a technological partner to completely digitize the auction calls for international and national TV rights.

Thanks to the technological infrastructure and innovative workflows, Online Procurement was preferred being the only platform able to guarantee a Secure Digital Proposal, a condition of primary importance for a company of around one and a half billion for each football season.


Guarantee of confidentiality: be sure that the offers of TV broadcasters were inaccessible and inviolable before formal opening by the notary, to ensure fair competition.

Quickly digitize Sourcing: quickly implement a solution for the digitization of auctions, respecting the current organization of the process, involving consultants and notaries.

Multilingual platform: a platform translated into several languages to allow TV broadcasters from all over the world to compete and submit offers without hitches.

Lega Calcio Serie A

Lega Nazionale Professionisti Serie A manages the Italian Football Championship, one of the most famous in the world, the second richest league in Europe, for a total value of around 1.4 billion euros per season.


Compliance guaranteed

Thanks to the security protocol of Secure Digital Proposal ©, we were able to ensure compliance with the procedures and therefore a safe and fair competition, to protect both Lega Calcio Serie A and the TV broadcasters..

More control

Thanks to the digitization of the entire auction management, and the discard of paper documentation, they achieved greater real-time control over the entire process and greater transparency in communications with suppliers.

Quick implementation

The consultancy and our technical support made sure that the transition to digital tools took place rapidly: implementation and custom configuration were released in just 3 weeks.

Efficient collaboration

Thanks to an intuitive design and wide availability of supporting materials (manuals and video guides) translated into several languages, suppliers from all over the world use the platform showing great appreciation.

A multilingual platform with a simple and intuitive interface and highly specialized yet timely consultancy support were the key reasons why Lega Calcio Serie A has agreed to renew trust and manage all the procedures for the assignment of international TV rights with us.

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