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    Online Procurement Info

    What is the cost of the software and what services are included?

    The monthly or annual purchase fees of the Online Procurement software vary according to the specific modules of the platform activated to fully or partially manage the procurement process.

    The costs are customized based on an all-inclusive assessment of the customers’ needs relating to the functions and services to be activated, the company size, the need for preliminary training, and the duration of the contractual relationship, as well as requests for graphic and service customization.

    Is it possible to customize layout and graphics?

    The graphic interface of our Online Procurement software can be customized starting from the branding of the login page using the company logo and a color palette aligned with the brand. It is also possible to customize the back-end interface. Cost may vary according to different factors: ask our consultants for a personalized quote.

    Is it possible to implement new features and request customizations?

    Online Procurement is software designed to be fine-tuned and customized according to customers’ needs.

    The implementation of completely new features, or features complementary to existing ones, is essential in the process of listening and modeling the platform around specific workflows already in place or to be implemented in the business organization. From the advanced customization of the Vendor Rating to the integration with the ERP software already in use by the company, DigitalPA constantly strives to find the most suitable solution for the most complex needs.

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