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Online Procurement is a Trademark by DigitalPA Group.

DigitalPA Group is a well-established software development company that provides solutions and consultancy for Public Authorities and Companies, especially in the procurement field.

Our team has over 100 specialised professionals operating in strategic locations all over Europe and it includes excellent developers, several legal consultants and procurement experts.

With over twenty years of expertise in information and communications technology, DigitalPA addresses to Public Authorities and Companies that aim to optimise their resources, rebrand their online image and improve communication with customers and suppliers.

The management software and support services focus particularly on the regulatory framework, providing useful support and guiding the operators during the process of digitalisation and work optimisation.

The network

DigitalPA Srl

Via San Tommaso d'Aquino, 18/A - 09134 Cagliari (Italy)
Phone: (+39) 070 3495 386

DigitalPA Group

Via dell'Agricoltura, 3 - 67039 - Sulmona (Italy)
Phone. (+39) 0864 547737
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