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Digitalize your Company's procurement process

Digitalize your Company's procurement process

Boost your business and spark progress

Boost cost savings with the #1 Source-to-Pay software

Boost cost savings with the #1 Source-to-Pay software

Reducing costs thanks to the end-to-end spend visibility


Empower strategic sourcing and add value

Empower strategic sourcing and add value

All-in-one platform: global data analysis, procurement strategy development, contract negotiations and full results reports.

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Looking for the best online procurement system?

Why you should choose Online Procurement

  • Cuts paperwork, not trees!
  • No particular hardware or software needed for its management
  • No installation on local computers required
  • Hosted in secure hosting facilities with strict security protocols
User friendly
  • Recruitment, selection and invitations made easy
  • Automatic receipt of quotations during tenders
  • Supply chain automatisation
  • Certified electronic e-mail to communicate with suppliers and participants
  • Data and documents preservation through back-up system
  • Better knowledge of electronic market and commodities
  • Dematerialization of paperwork
  • Integration System to communicate with your software
  • Procurement Intelligence to get an accurate overview of your spending
Manage your suppliers

Supplier Management and Supplier Plus Qualification, a tailored online qualification system

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Control your purchasing procedures

Strategic Purchasing and Tender Management are the solution to harmonize and control purchasing rules across the whole organization

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Safe and invulnerable bidding process

Processes traceability and transparency guarantee data system safety

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Discover Online Procurement

The “Online Procurement” platform is a unique solution that allows to:

  • Manage the process of supplier qualification
  • Manage purchases using online tenders
  • Establish your own e-Catalog
  • Manage the contracting process through the connected software Contract management

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Online tenders managed




Qualified Suppliers Managed
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